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Welcome to LED Sign Solutions

About LED Sign Solutions

LED Sign Solutions is a design and manufacturing company based in Melbourne involved in the design and installation of all types of digital LED displays such as LED sign, scrolling message boards, programmable LED sign and LED displays. We provide LED display and LED signage solution to retail, restaurant, education, entertainment, hospitality companies and any applications require an active visual connection. Our in-house hardware design and assembly assures you get a best solution and product for your specific needs. We also offer media production services including photography and graphic design and advertising media preparation for your advertising retail LED displays.

Our Team

Our team come from different areas of the proficiency – LED display, software developing, photography, graphic design and advertising, - each bringing with them years of experience and expertise. It means we’re able to provide you not just the depth of experience you need, but a totally integrated solution that stands out in the market place. As we have an expert team of hardware, software and advertising content expertise we are also able to customize our products to suit the specific needs of our clients.

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