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Are LED Signs worth the investment for retails?

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Price of LED signs are decreasing each year and this unique advertising device is more accessible for small businesses these days. But the question is how profitable are LED signs and what is real ROI expectation (return of investment) of LED digital signage.

Are LED Signs worth the investment for retails?

bag store indoor LED signs

Before purchasing an LED sign for your business, this question should be answered that how profitable is an LED sign for your business and how descent is RIO. Several studies show that using LED digital signage in retail industry can increase the brand visibility up to nine times and increase the sale of retail stores at point of sale between %15 to 50%. This range could be different depends on your industry, your location, visibility and size of your business. Small businesses with lower visibility located in high traffic location could expect more benefit from LED signs than large well-known businesses. Small retail store in shopping centres an example of these businesses.

Take a small retailer that makes $1,000 per day. If we consider only %15 increase in revenue of this retailer then an LED sign add more than $54,000 per year to revenue of this business. Considering the price of an LED sign between $2,000 for a full-colour behind the window LED sign to $20,000 for a relatively big outdoor LED sign, the ROI would be less than 3 months. These numbers show that acquiring an LED sign is a profitable decision with a very decent ROI. Also LED Signs help your brand development and authority which guaranty your long term profit.

But keep in mind that you need to consider lots of advertising strategy, proper graphic design and content production to running a successful advertising campaign to achieve mentioned profit margins. For more information about how LED Signs can help your business visit our retails LED sign solution. We help you in each step of selecting the right LED sign to graphic design and media production to help your business grow.