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6 things you need to know before buying outdoor or indoor led signs

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Purchasing an LED sign or LED display could be very complicated. In this article we are going to describe six basic guidelines you need to consider before choosing any LED sign or LED display.

6 things you need to know before buying outdoor or indoor led sign

1- Location of your sign

One of the most important steps before you purchase an LED sign is reviewing you location and traffic pattern. Location of you sign affect the size, pixel pitch, type and other important features of your sign.

The ideal place for an outdoor sign is right in front of eyes of your potential customers with aim to maximising viewers. But you need to keep in mind that there are some codes and regulation about the location of electronic signs. Before making any decision about it check the regulations and codes in city council website.

If the viewer are far from you sign you need to choose a bigger size

2-Size, Pixel pitch and viewing distance

Location and viewing distance of the signs effects on size and pixel pitch of the sign which is most important specification of the LED signs. As a rule of thumb you need to consider at least 2 inch of text height as 100 ft. of viewing distance. However the ideal size of LED sign may be much bigger for LED sign with video and animation features.

Pixel pitch is another important specification that should be carefully choose according to viewing distance. Choosing expensive small pith pixel for long viewing distance can waste your money or choosing higher pixel pitch for saving few dollars could decrease your impression on your sign on viewer. For more information check our basic LED sign knowledge.

3-Advertising Media

Choosing a proper message for LED sign is very important to target the right viewers. You need to decide what you need to show to people and how to do it. These answer help you to decide about choosing single-colour or full-colour LED signs and required size of the sign.

4-LED Sign Software

If you need to change you message according to a time schedule to target different customers; or if you need to access your access your LED control panel from out of your office then you need to choose an LED sign or LED display with proper control board and software. Before selecting an LED sign check with supplier that the software cove all of your needs.

5-Local codes and regulations

There are certain regulation and codes to use LED signs for your business. If your business located in residential are with maximum limitation or a commercial zone with minimum limitation, you need to check then before purchasing any LED sign. You can find useful documents in city council websites about electronic signs.

6-After sales services

It is very important to choose a company offering you long term after sales services. And keep in mind that it is not related only to hardware. Software training and graphic design, media production are another important services you should expect from your LED sign provider.