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I am going to buy second P8 screen in 2016.

Mr. Rekesh

How to make $200 per day by a small LED display!

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LED display products are great for local advertising. But, today I received a success story from one of my LED display suppliers about how to make money by an LED display and I would like to share it with you.

How to make money by LED display!

The story is about Mr. Rekesh in India who recently installed a 3 by 2 meter P8 (8 mm pixel pitch) full colour advertising LED display. He have added 20 short commercial video ads from 20 various companies and local retail stores in it to play in a loop. With charge of only $10 per day for showing each video ad, he earn $200 every day! With long term warranty support of LED display products and low electricity consumption, this LED display could make a very good revenue. “I am going to buy second P8 screen in 2016,” he said.

With very affordable price of LED displays, it is a great opportunity to use this type of advertising equipment as a business sign for small businesses or advertising display in shopping centres.

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