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LED Signs are an investment worth making!

Is an LED Sign an investment for a business or just an expense?

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Any business owner knows that success of any business depends on building a strong communication with customers and people who could be a potential customer. Advertising campaign play an important role to make this connection with people. There are many different ways for advertising but, question is where the advertising dollar should go and what type of advertising is the best.

Is an LED Sign an investment for a business or just an expense?

When it comes to point of sales advertising, LED signs are one of the best tools with great ROI (return of the investment). Digital signage, specifically LED signs add value to your business by increasing your profit, improving your brand visibility and customer satisfaction. So, in long-term, LED signs bring a great overall return to any business. If a big outdoor LED sign is more expensive than you can afford for a newly started business, there are also some behind the window LED sign with significantly lower price that can bring same added value to your business.

One of the important thing in any investment is understanding ROI and how investment performs in long term. Take a relatively big 2m by 1m outdoor LED sign or 3m by 2m indoor LED display. A full colour LED sign with such a big size costs around $10,000. If you consider a 3-year period of time, this sign costs less than $10 per day. For only less than $10 per day, a full-colour LED sign with eye-catching look, promotes your business, products, services and your brand for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Considering the whole short and long-term benefits an LED sign can bring to your business with such a low per day cost, it could be considered as a great investment for any business.

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