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How to select the best LED sign for church?

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In today’s world, the first step for an effective communication with people is to select the right type of communication for target audience. People learned to tune out what they see in static poster and printed signs. So, you need a newer and more effective methods. When it comes to church and religious organisations, outdoor electronic signs with animated text, image or video may be what you need.

How to select the best LED sign for church?

What is the benefit of LED sign for Church?

The specific design and style of the church building tells everyone that this is a church but, you need to tell them what wonderful events, happenings and programmes going on inside. Outdoor church LED Signs with eye-catching look, eye-catching image and video, scrolling text and animation can capture attention of people; and you can easily update it every week by new events, programmes and newsletter headings. LED sign offer you a unique opportunity for an effective communication with local community.

Is LED sign suitable for us?

Well, if you are a church located in a busy area with lots of car traffic or passerby, then you are a good candidate for using advantage of an outdoor church LED sign. The churches located in busy residential are the best place for an electronic sign. You also need to consider your audience as well. What do you want to tell to your audience? Are people watching your sign are your target audience? And do you have any informative and new message for the people who normally watch your sign? Answer of this question can help you to decide how useful is an LED sign for the church you belong to.

how much does an outdoor church LED cost?

LED signs are more affordable than ever and you can find wide range of product in the market to cover all price budgets. Price of a suitable LED for church depends on lots of factors. Overall size, text message only or full graphic display, standard resolution or high resolution and structure of the sign change the price of LED sign dramatically.
It starts as low as $2,000 for a basic church scrolling message board to more than $200,000 for a double side huge billboard LED display. But most of the graphical church LED signs falls between $7000 to $12000.

Choosing the best LED Sign for church

To choose the best LED sign many different factors should be considered. The main consideration is your audience. If your church is located in small residential area and everybody knows you, then a basic scrolling message board will be enough for you. If you are located in a busy area with lots of traffic a graphical LED display with vibrant image and video has more ability to attract attention of wider range of audience. Size and resolution of LED sign are the next factors to be considered. For more information about the best size and resolution of LED sign you can visit How to choose the right LED sign.