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Outdoor LED signs and advertising messages, a brief guide

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When it comes to outdoor advertising, a proper use of images, text, color and timing in advertising media is very important. As I described in previous article about How to make effective contents for LED signs, lots of factors needed to be considered to make an affective message for LED signs. In this article, I am going to focus more on outdoor LED signs and basic requirements of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor LED signs and advertising messages, a brief guide

Before starting this article, I need to mention that this article is prepared for people who have a small graphical outdoor led sign and what to get most out of the LED signs by the software comes with the LED sign products. This article is not suitable for graphic designer. Outdoor LED signs come with a content creation and content management software. These types of software are capable of making graphical messages with image, text and animations. But you need to consider couple of important things to make your message more effective.

Keep it Simple and short

One of the common problems we normally have in content creation stage is that customers would like to put all of the important pieces of information on the outdoor LED screen. Keeping the message as short as possible gives the most important message more chance to be read.

Animated vs Static

Well, when it comes to animated message, there is a big concern regarding road safety. Normally councils have strict regulations about using animation on the outdoor LED signs. But is doesn’t mean you are not able to use any transition or different slides with different color or deign to make it more eye-catching. Check your local council regulations to find out the allowable types of motion on your screen.

LED sign’s software vs graphic design software

Don’t limit yourself to the software that comes with your LED sign. The main function of LED sign’s software is content management. Well, they have some basic graphic design options let you make acceptable graphic as well. But by using professional graphic software you can reach a new level of design. So, learn to use graphical software or leave it to a graphic designer to arrange your slides. If you need a little bit motion in your slides, you still can make a motion movie and put it on the screen. But don’t forget the council rules about it.

Time and Date Scheduling

Unlike indoor LED displays, outdoor LED signs needed to be brief, concise and crisp. So, if you have lots message to show, you need to schedule your sign to deliver the right message to the right people on the right time and date. Probably lots of you don’t know that your LED sign’s software let you to schedule different messages for different time and date. By using this option, you can manage to deliver more messages to the right viewers.