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How important is choosing the right LED sign cabinet?

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When it comes to repair and maintenance of LED signs, the biggest part of the costs is associated to lift and labor costs. Specifically, outdoor LED signs which sometimes need heavy lifts and lots of hours for repair and maintenance. The question is, how we can minimize the repair and maintenance cost? and what are the most important factors in repair costs? One of the most important factors that effect the repair costs is LED sign cabinet type.

LED Sign Cabinets

How important is choosing the right LED sign cabinet?

LED signs comes in different type of cabinets. for more information visit LED Signs Cabinets. Each cabinet is designed for a specific application and installation type. One of the most important steps of purchasing an LED sign is choosing a suitable type of cabinet for LED sign. Generally LED sign products can be categorized into front service and back service. The back door service products need space in backside while front service cabinets can be serviced from front side.

Back door Service Cabinets

This type of cabinet has back doors for service and maintenance. Therefore, it is only suitable for installation on poles or structure with enough space in backside. In case of using this type of cabinet for wall installation or any type of installation without space in back side, we will have to open whole of the sign structure to access inside of the sign. In case of the sign larger than 160cm by 80ccm or high level installation, it may be very expensive and time consuming.

Front door service Cabinets

Unlike the door service cabinets, front service cabinets can be serviced from front side. Front side service cabinets make it possible to get into the sign from screen side of the sign. It significantly decreases the repair and maintenance cost of in case of faulty. However, this type of LED sign cabinets is heavier, more expensive, in some case mechanically less strong and in case of very large LED displays, more difficult to install.

For more information about the different type of LED signs and advantage and disadvantage of each type visit LED Signs Cabinets.