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Programmable LED Signs

Programmable LED Signs

Programmable led sign is an electronic sign that you can easily program and change it any time you want. We provide a wide range of indoor LED sign, outdoor LED sign and window LED sign. Our programmable LED Signs are available in various sizes, resolution, single or full colour and support different communication methods.

Programmable LED Sign

Features of Programmable LED Signs

  • Manage through your PC vis USB or Wi-Fi
  • Different font types and special effects
  • Adjustable levels of brightness
  • Time & Date function
  • Lightweight and easy installation
  • HD resolution
  • Long Lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • Programmable LED sign
  • Content creation software
  • 1 years warranty included

Programmable LED Signs Products

Window LED Signs

Window LED Signs are brighter than other indoor LED displays suitable for behind the window. This type of electronic display suited for any business that needs an effective communication with local clients or customers. Window led signs are designed to be placed behind window facing outside. Compare to standard outdoor LED signs, this type of electronic signs are more affordable, more compact and easier to be installed.

Window LED Signs
Window LED Signs Series

Programmable LED Signs

This type of electronic signs are available for indoor and outdoor application with a wide range of pixel pitch (resolution), communication methods and custom-size. Programmable LED Signs are designed for advertising, marketing and branding and suitable to make your business stand out in the market. Our programmable LED Signs support full colour Text, Logo, image and video.

Programmable LED Signs
Programmable LED Signs Series

Scrolling LED Sign Boards

Scrolling LED Signs or scrolling message boards are a low cost option to make your business more profitable. This type of electronic signs are suitable or small business that needs more communication with customer to boost their sales and make huge profit. Scrolling LED Signs are available in single or full-colour and a wide range of sizes. It comes with a user friendly software that let you to make attracting advertising messages.

Scrolling LED Sign
Scrolling LED Sign Boards

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