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Digital Signage for retail stores

How do you attract customers and client to your store?

It is a question that many of us ask. When it comes to retail advertising, nothing can compete digital signage. It is affordable, low cost and quite beneficial to use digital signage to attract people to your store; and put special offers and promotions right front of the eyes of potential customers. LED digital signage with very eye catching look and accessible price are ideal for your business to make it more profitable.

LED Signs for retail stores

Signs are the most effective way to communicate your business message to customers and clients. Several studies proved that well-designed Digital Signage has more ability to grab customer attention than traditional print signage. Digital signs draw lots of customer attention because they stand out by animation and eye catching graphic. Besides higher impact on customer, digital signage allow you to customize your message anytime easily. By user friendly software you can customise your digital signage based on season, available stock and even time of the day in a more effective manner.

There are more advantage that digital LED signs can bring to your business but before using a digital signage consider what your business needs and choose the best digital signage company to cover you not only by hardware and installation but with software, graphic design and media production.

Retail Digital Signage Solution

LED Sign Solutions provide an all in one package for retail and point of sale digital LED signage package. Our package includes a wide range from programmable LED sign and Scrolling LED sign to huge LED displays. All of our products comes with content creation and content managment software to make sure you will get a product with maximum functionality and costomization. In addtion to a user friendly software, our professional graphic designer are here to design graphic of your display by your request.
LED Sign for retail store

Our Retail Digital Signage Features


Wide range of LED Sign

We offer wide range of LED signs and LED display. For more information visit or Online Store or fill out the Online Enquiry Form for custom size display.

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Content Creation and Content Management LED Software

Our products comes with a user friendly Software let you make stunning slide and manage your advertising and promotions easily.


Wi-Fi, Cloud and Network LED Software

Wi-Fi, Cloud and Web-based LED Software options make it easy to manage the LED Sign and LED Display products.


Graphic Design and Media Production

We cover our customer advertising content with Professional graphic design and media content production.

Retail stores LED Sign in Action

Check out our last LED signs projects for retail industry.

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