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LEDShowT9 Software Guide

LEDSHOWT9 is a content creation and content management software for LED display, with rich features, superior performance and user friendly interface. LEDSHOWT9 supports video, audio, images and text as well as Word, Excel, and PPT. Also software supports multi-page and multi-region editing, providing a rich and flexible video effects, sub region effects, and 3D effects. LEDSHOWT9 also supports a wide range of language including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Polish and Spanish.

This Software is compatible with A8 control card used in our full-colour LED display products.

LEDShowT9 User Guid
How To Use It

Media format:

  • Video:Ordinary and HD video. Support any format video theoretically by installing the appropriate decoder. The recommended decoder for "ultimate decoder"
  • Image:BMP,JPG,PNG,etc
  • Text:RTF,TXT,Word and PPT
  • Sheet:Excel, user-defined sheet
  • Flash
  • User-defined input
  • External video, TV can choose the program

Preview function

  • Support program preview and arbitrarily dragging the video window.

Program play function

  • Support playback loop and timing play on a page of programs. Support inter-cut play, deleting the program when playing.

Special effects

  • Setting any transparency
  • Video and picture superposition
  • Up to 50 kinds of special effects on video, picture, word, 3D special effects
  • Partition animation。4*4=16 parts of area in maximum

Hardware setting functions

  • Integrated smart setting. Rapidly load the existing display panel parameters, smart setting
  • Support the standard screen and complex screen setting
  • Can quickly set display properties, grayscale parameters

Software operating environment

  • Microfsoft Windows

Video Tutorial