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How to make effective contents for LED signs

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Is your LED sign content and message efficient enough? - An introduction to make most effective content for you LED sign.

How to make effective contents for LED signs

Contents of your sign is probably the most important part of your LED sign advertising campaign. But why people always under estimate the content? I receive lots of enquiry every day. Most of the people ask me about the specification of the hardware, resolution, communication methods and finally price. But, only a small part of the people asks about the content creation which is as important as hardware of LED signs.

The reason that people don’t ask about the content creation is that the modern software of LED signs support wide ranges of multimedia formats with lots of visual effects. They finally find a way to make what they want but it is not always what they need!

LED signs content creation is broader than I can cover in one article. It also varies from case to case. Therefore, in this series of articles I summarized the basics content creation for LED Signs.

The three second golden time

When it comes to advertising media and content creation, lots of customer prefer to have a design with all of the information and details. But the question is whether people stand on front of your LED signs and read them all? Unless your LED signs are located just in front of the people waiting for something like bus in bus station or stopped behind traffic light, the answer is NO. The three second golden time rule says the average viewing time of digital signage by passersby are as short as three seconds! In just three seconds, they decide if they are interested in it or not. But three second is long enough to capture attention of the people and persuade them to read more about your message. So, keep your LED signs messages short and make it readable in a glance or they will stop trying.

Graphic design

The LED signs comes with a user friendly graphic design and content creation software. However, you have option to use more professional graphic design software to prepare your graphics and messages. Graphic design varies from case to case, but in general, just be sure that, your messaging is crisp, clear and main parts are readable for all people.

When Less is more on LED sign

Some on my clients try to promote all of their products or service on their LED sign. Well, they buried the good offers and promotion in lots of other messages. Just like the advertising at the end pages of a magazine that no one read it! Considering the three second golden time, try to put the most important messages, offers and promotional on your LED sign and make it easy for people to find it.

Train them to read your LED sign

Nothing is more boring than an LED sign showing same message every day. If your digital signage shows same message every day, people learn to ignore it. You can train people to watch your sign by updating the messages which is interesting for people. New offers and promotions and even local weather or load news and events are good examples of message train people to watch your sign every time they pass.

To sum up

Effective LED Sign Content comes down to just three factors: Make the points easy to be found, make it easy and fast to be understood and keep it update and appealing.